July 15, 2024

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Unconventional Retirement Destinations – Affordable and Exotic Places to Retire

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Many Americans aspire to retire in exotic locales. Here are a few affordable choices.

International Living’s rankings laud South American country Brazil for many reasons, including a year-round temperate climate without extreme conditions; welcoming local and expat communities; and low relocation costs.

1. Peru

Peru is an incredible land of natural variety. From deserts to mountains to rainforests and beaches, its landscape is truly diverse and its people friendly.

Peru offers low living costs. In fact, $1 USD goes a long way in this country. Groceries also tend to be cheap in Peru.

Peru provides an affordable and exotic place to retire in South America, boasting ancient sites, towering peaks, and Pacific beaches to keep active retirees occupied and active during retirement.

2. Mexico

Mexico provides retirees with an abundance of retirement living options, from small villages to bustling metropolises – there’s something here for everyone!

Lake Chapala is an increasingly popular retirement location. Home to an established expat community and close proximity to the United States border, its idyllic setting attracts an ex-pat population in droves.

Are you searching for the perfect place to hike through a lush rainforest or relax with a book on a beachside lounge chair? Mexico provides just such opportunities.

3. Belize

Belize draws Americans seeking a change of scenery with its beaches, coral reefs and Mayan ruins. Living costs are affordable; no language barriers exist and its legal system based on British law makes for a familiar and comfortable expat experience.

Corozal Island in Belize’s northernmost district is an increasingly popular choice among retirees; home prices here typically average $100K or below.

4. Ecuador

Ecuador combines colonial charm and urban life. Cuenca, a UNESCO World Heritage city, hosts one of the country’s largest expat communities and there are direct flights between Florida and Quito, Ecuador’s capital city.

Expats can experience a comfortable lifestyle here on even a pensioner’s budget, thanks to savings such as 50 percent discounts off public and private transportation, free local landline phone service, discounted electric and water bills and more.

5. Morocco

Your retirement funds can stretch far beyond the air pollution, noise pollution and clutter of modern society. Morocco provides the ideal setting with its varied climates, mountains and landscapes ranging from snow-topped Ifrane ski resort to sunny Marrakesh on the edge of Sahara desert.

Romania offers vibrant cities at one of Europe’s lowest costs, making it a fantastic early retirement location. English is widely spoken here and residents can navigate their visa and residency permit processes easily without much fuss or headaches.

6. Poland

Poland may not be your top choice when planning for retirement, but it offers European lifestyle features at a much lower cost. These features include dense cities with old buildings, typical rural villages with modern public transport services, delicious food and vibrant cultures.

Warsaw, home to two million inhabitants, lies at the geographic center of Poland, just an hour’s train ride from mountains in the south and Baltic Sea in the north. Additionally, Warsaw’s historic district is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage as an area worthy of protection.

7. Albania

Albania boasts stunning Mediterranean coast with world-class beaches. Additionally, Albania is known for its picturesque mountains, vibrant culture, and extensive historic artifacts.

As one of Europe’s more cost-effective destinations, Bulgaria makes for an appealing European travel option. Though the country faces some serious issues such as high unemployment and corruption, its new government has made great strides toward improving it.

Petty crimes like pickpocketing do happen, so it’s wise to be aware of your surroundings and adhere to general safety precautions. Avoid traveling through slum areas, and ensure you have cell phone coverage and travel insurance in case an incident does occur.

8. Armenia

Armenia has quickly become a favorite retirement destination among expats and digital nomads due to its low living costs, safety, and high standard of living. A spacious renovated one bedroom apartment can be found for less than $200 monthly in central Yerevan – while expenses rarely surpass this amount.

Capital City of Cambodia renowned for its pink colored tuff buildings and has an ancient cultural legacy dating back centuries. There are a wide variety of museums, libraries, and theatres for visitors to explore.

9. Romania

Romania is a stunningly beautiful country boasting breathtaking mountain landscapes, medieval castles, and vibrant cities. Its residents are welcoming and accommodating towards expats while living costs tend to be significantly less expensive than many European nations.

Cluj-Napoca is an ever-evolving city offering something for everyone to see and do. Its historical roots and architecture make it an attractive tourist destination.

Slovenia offers an attractive solution for those seeking Alpine living but can’t afford its high price tags. Not only can the country boast stunning lakes and incredible landscapes, but its lakes also make outdoor enthusiasts happy!

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